Brainblast (1987)

Australia, 1987

An Australian horror film directed by Andy Neyl.

Plot Summary

A pair of scientists investigating the more arcane workings of the human brain stumble upon a video effect that is literally mind-blowing. But they’re soon on the run, pursued by agents of both the CIA and the Mafia.


Director: Andy Neyl
© Mindless Entertainment Corporation 1987
The Mindless Entertainment Corporation presents
Producer: Stephen Stockwell
Associate Producers: Christine Anastasi, Lola Matthews
Scriptwriter: Stephen Stockwell
Additional Material: Johnny La Rue & cast
Director of Photography: Debra Beattie
Editor: Pantelis Roussakis
Additional Music by: Red Ochre Music
Sound: Sally Geschmay
Art Director: Michelle Andringa

Julie Mitchell (Sally)
Cathy Jukes (Liz)
Lisa-Jane Stockwell (Magaret)
Toby Zoates (Kika)
Michael Salmon (Jeff)
Bryn Giles (Robert)
Daniel Morphett (Animal)
Johnny La Rue (Wally)
Tony Biggs (Slob)
Liz Aroney (Virginia)
George Davis (Tango)
Andy Nehl (barely credible)
James Scanlon (burgher meister)
John Kennedy (Jack the cowboy)
Kath Phillips (Ruby the cowgirl)
James Rowe (man in white coat)
Liz Willis (ice cream girl)
Penny Drops, Andy Catlow (mob members)


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