Boy Meets Girl (1994)

35mm film, colour, 1.37:1
mono, English

A British horror film directed by Ray Brady.

Plot Summary

In a night club in Clapham, South London, beautiful American Anne Marie picks up a young married man, Tevin and lures him back to her flat. Spiking his drink, she renders him unconscious and straps him to a dentist's chair in her basement dungeon. With her accomplice Julia, she starts to subject Tevin to a horrendous regime of torture and .


Director: Ray Brady
Kino Eye
Producers: Ray Brady, Chris Read
Line Producer: Ray Tang
Script: Jim Crosbie, Ray Brady
Assistant Director: Minou Norouzi
Director of Photography: Kevin McMorrow
Editor: Russell Fenton
Co-Editor: Ray Brady
Music: Jim Crosby, Geoff Southall
Costume Designer: Pam Hogg
Make-up: Tamsin Dorling
Production Designer: Ray Brady

Tim Poole (Tevin)
Danielle Sanderson (Julia)
Margot Steinberg (Anne Marie)
Susan Warren (woman in chair)
Nathalie Khanna (Tevin's wife)
Myuki Smith Khanna, Pierre Smith Khanna (Tevin's children)
Georgina Whitbourne (female victim on monitor)
Robert Haynes (branded man)
John Reid (hanging man)
Ray Brady (laughing man)
Chris Read (whipped man)
Pam Hogg (woman in bar)
Patrick Lelarge, Sam Taylor-Woods, Tom Theakstone, Tamsin Dorling, Minou Norouzi, Sunil Chandragiri, Dingi Ntull, Paul Mashaimanai (people in bar)

Alternative Titles

Boy Meets Girl – Liebe mit Hindernissen – German title



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