Boom! (1968)

Technicolor, Panavision [anamorphic]
mono [RCA Sound Recording], English

A British/American fantasy film directed by Joseph Losey.

Plot Summary

Wealthy writer Flora Goforth lives an isolated life on a Mediterranean island with only her servants and for company. She rules her household like a private kingdom, as she works on her autobiography and begs her nurses for injections. Her life is turned upside down by the arrival of Chris Flanders, who turns out to be the . But other weird things are afoot – Flora's neighbour is the witch of Capri who drops by for dinner – and the centrepiece of the banquet is a still living sea-monster…


Directed by: Joseph Losey
© Universal Pictures Ltd. MCMLXVIII [1968]
Universal presents. A World Film Services Ltd, Moonlake, Universal Pictures Ltd production
Produced by: John Heyman, Norman Priggen
Associate Producer: Lester Persky
Screenplay by: Tennessee Williams
From the Play The Milk Train Doesn't Stop Here Anymore by: Tennessee Williams
Lighting Cameraman: Douglas Slocombe
Editor: Reginald Beck
Music Composed and Conducted by: John Barry
Sound Recordists: Leslie Hammond, Gerry Humphreys
Wardrobe Supervision: Annalisa Masalli Rocco
Elizabeth Taylor's Make-up: Frank La Rue
Richard Brton's Make-up: Ron Berkeley
Miss Taylor's Hairstyles Designed and Created by: Alexandre of Paris and executed by Claire Ettori
Production Designed by: Richard MacDonald
Made on location in Sardinia and at the Dino de Laurentiis Studios, Rome

Elizabeth Taylor (Flora Goforth)
Richard Burton (Chris Flanders)
Noël Coward (the Witch of Capri)
Joanna Shimkus (Miss Black)
Michael Dunn (Rudi)
Romolo Valli (Doctor Luilo)
Howard Taylor (journalist)
Fernando Piazza (Etti)
Veronica Wells (Simonetta)

Alternative Titles

– working title
La scogliera dei desideri
– Italian title
– working title

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