Boogeyman II (1983)

USA, 1983
79m, 83m (director’s cut)

An American horror film directed by Bruce Starr with uncredited input from Ulli Lommel and Paul Wilson. It was a sequel to Lommel’s The Boogeyman (1980) and Lummel subsequently recut the film for release as a “director’s cut” (it’s this version that was used here to obtain credits).

Plot Summary

Lacey, the survivor of the Boogeyman’s previous rampage, recounts her experiences to her new friends in Hollywood. A group of film-makers turn up wanting to make a film of the tragic tale – but something is determined to stop them and the cast and crew soon start falling victim to the Boogeyman…


* = uncredited

Director: Bruce Starr, Ulli Lommel *, Paul Wilson *
Cinevid, New West Films
Executive Producer: David Dubay, Jochen Breitenstein
Producers: Mark Balsam, Ulli Lommel
Line Producer: Bruce Starr
Associate Producers: Mark Balsam, James Dudelson
Script: Ulli Lommel *, Suzanna Love *
Directors of Photography: Philippe Carr-Forster, David Sperling
Editor: Terrell Tannen
Music: Tim Krog
Make Up: Shirley Howard
Special Effects: CMI, Craig Harris

Suzanna Love (Lacey)
Ulli Lommel (Mickey Lombard)
Shannah Hall (Bonnie Lombard)
Sholto von Douglas (Joseph)
Bob Rosenfarb (Bernie)
Rhonda Aldrich (Cynthia)
Sarah Jean Watkins (Kathy)
Rock Mackenzie (Jim)
Raf Nazario (Harvey)
Leslie Smith (Sally)
Mina Kolb (Agent Constance)
Ann Wilkinson (Priscilla)
David D’Arnel (Sandor)
Ashley DuBay (Honey Lombard)

Cast from The Boogeyman
John Carradine (Dr Warren)
Ron James (Jake)
Nicholas Love (Willie)
Felicite Morgan (Helen)
Bill Rayburn (Ernest)
Llewelyn Thomas (Father Reilly)
Jane Pratt (Jane)
Natasha Schiano (young Lacey)
Raymond Boyden (Kevin)
Jay Wright (young Willie)
David Swim (Timmy)
Cindy Ziesing [real name: Lucinda Ziesing] (Susan)
Gillian Gordon (mother)
Howard Grant (lover)

Alternative Titles

The Boogey Man 2 – West Germany
Kto sie boi Czarnego Luda? cz. II – Poland
Revenge of the Boogeyman
Tappajan paluu
– Finland

Sequel to
The Boogeyman (1980)

Return of the Boogeyman (1994)



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