Bog (1978)

35mm film, colour
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Don Keeslar. The film was shot in 1978 but not released until 1983.

Plot Summary

A fisherman using in Bog Lake awakens a monster which promptly goes on the rampage, slaughtering and eating locals. A biologist teams up with the local sheriff to find a way to stop the monster's depravations before it destroys the whole town.


Directed by: Don Keeslar
© [not given on screen]
Marshall Films presents. This is a Bog production. In association with Nelson Communications
Executive Producer: Clark Paylow
Produced by: Michelle Marshall
Original Screen Play by: Carl N. Kitt
Director of Cinematography: Wings [real name: Jack Willoughby]
Editor: John Montonaro
Music Director: Bill Walker
Sound Recording: Tim Turner
Wardrobe: Jim Hook
Makeup Artist: Erica Veland
Special Effects: Richard Albain, Gerald Winchell
Optical Effects: Optifex – Chicago

Gloria DeHaven (Ginny Glenn)
Aldo Ray (Sheriff Neal Rydholm)
Marshall Thompson (Dr Brad Wednesday)
Leo Gordon (Dr John Warren)
Bo Clark [credited in the opening titles but the end]
Jeff Schwaab (the bog monster)
Robert Fry (Wallace Fry)
Carol Terry (May Tanner)
Lou Hunt (Kim Pierce)
Glen Voros (Alan Tanner)
Rojay North (Chuck Pierce)
Ed Clark (Deputy Jensen)
Leroy Winbush (Terry Taylor)
Dan Killian (Bill Beckley)
Don Daniels (Hotchkiss)
Charles Pitt (Deputy Corbett)
Chris Harris (Deputy Siegel)
Glen Hopkins (Deputy Macweeny)
Pat Hopkins (1st girl on bike)
Janel Paylow (2nd girl on bike)


Variety vol.317 no.5 (28 November 1984) p.21
Bog is a homemade monster picture produced in 1978 and currently surfacing on homevideo. Various vet character actors fail to buoy up this made-in-Wisconsin cheapie. […] Dull film is poorly made, with terrible editing that includes frequent unintentional freezeframes between shots meant to cut smoothly together. – from a review by Lor



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  • Variety vol.317 no,5 (28 November 1984) p.21 – review (by Lor)