Body Parts (1994)

Canada, 1994

A Canadian horror film directed by Michael Paul Girard.

Plot Summary

A serial killer is targeting strippers.


Directed by: Michael Paul Girard
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Vista Street Entertainment presents
Executive Producers: Gerald Feifer and Tony Miller
Produced by: Holly Harrison and Matt Devlen
Written by: Michael Paul Girard
Director of Photography: Gerald M. Williams
Music by (opening credits) Original Score Composed by (closing credits): Miriam Cutler
Sound: Brian DeMilla, Dennis Fuller
Costumer: Lorenza Ceretto
Make-up: Carolyn Wilson
Special Effects: Eric Yeager
Production Design: C.T. Denelli

Teri Marlow (Norma Jean)
Dick Monda (Otello)
Clement Von Franckenstein (Jacoby)
Steven B. McMillan (Harris)
Johnny Mandell (Price)
John Gidcomb (Marty)
Rick Bartz (Poco)
Phil Grossman (policeman)
“Doctor” Devlen (the ten-second wonder)
Pee Wee (interviewee)
Richard Ervey, Johnny Mask, Richard Fevershwenger (policemen)
Stepanie Warner, Debra Lamb, April Johnson, Tracy Walker (strippers)
Sharon Cain (guitar player)
Debbie Maisel (card player)
Jim Eakle (man at bar)
Susan Cox, Kay Melechian (hookers at bar)