Boardinghouse (1982)

USA, 1982
98m, 157m (director’s cut)
35mm film, colour, 1.85:1
mono, English

An American horror film directed by John Wintergate using the name Johnn Wintergate.

Plot Summary

Years after several brutal murders were committed there, a boarding house is reopened and the killings start again.


Directed by: Johnn Wintergate [real name John Wintergate]
© [not given on screen]
Presenter: Howard Willette
Produced by: Peter Baahlu
Assistant Producer: Elliot Van Koghbe
Written by: Jonema [real name John Wintergate]
Second Unit Director: K. Kay [real name: Kalussa Kay]
Assistant Director: Lenny Williamson
Script Girl: Ronesa Roswood
Directors of Photography: Jan Lucas, Obee Ray
Assistant Camera: A’ryen Winter
Best Boy: J. Buxor [real name: Jon Buxor]
Editors: Jim Balcom, Johnny Kay
Music by: Kalassu, 33 1/3, Jonema [real name John Wintergate]
Boarding House Theme: Christopher Conlan, Chris Christin
Original Music: Teeth
Boom Operator: Chris Christin
Makeup Artist: J. Wintergate [real name John Wintergate], T. Campbell, S. Lindley

Hawk Adley [real name John Wintergate] (Jim Royce & gardner)
Kalassu [credited as Kalassu Kay in the end credits] (Victoria)
Alexandra Day (Debbie Hoffman)
Joel Riordan [credited as Joel McGinnis Riordan in the end credits] (Joel Weintraub)
Brian Bruderlin (Richard)
Belma Kora (Sandy)
Mary McKinley (Cindy)
Tracy O’Brian (Suzie)
Rosane Woods (Gloria)
Cindy Williamson (Pam)
Christopher Conlan (Christopher)
Elizabeth Hall (Terri)
Tom Mones (the agent)
Dean Disico (Harris)
Elliot Van Koghbe (Officer Weston)
John Chase (orderly)
A’ryen Winter (Nurse Sherry)
Victoria Herron (Su Ling)
Michael Burke (lawyer)
Jim Vincioni (Officer Paul)
Carla Nansel (girl in car)
Michele Krieger (photographer)
Allen R. Warren (uncle)
Tim Campbell (bass player)
Jon Buxor (keyboard player)
Chris Christin (guitar player)
Mark Prines (magician)
33 1/3 (the band)

Alternative Titles

Agresión en la casa del terror – Spain
Bad Force – West Germany
Boarding House
La cama de la muerte – Spain (video)
La casa del sortilegio – Italy
La casa del terror – Spain
Family house, pension de famille – France (video)

Includes extracts from
Adjust Your Tracking (2013)
Terror on Tour (1980)



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