Blue Velvet (1986)

USA, 1986
35mm film, J-D-C Scope, colour, 2.35:1
Dolby Stereo, English

An American horror film directed by David Lynch.

Plot Summary

Jeffrey Beaumont returns home after a period away and almost immediately finds a severed human ear in a field. He begins to investigate along with Sandy, the local Police Detective’s daughter, and finds himself drawn towards a mysterious woman and the appalling, psychotic man who is abusing her.


Directed by: David Lynch
© 1986 De Laurentiis Entertainment Group Inc.
De Laurentiis Entertainment Group Inc. presents a David Lynch film
Executive Producer: Richard Roth
Producer: Fred Caruso
Written by: David Lynch
Director of Photography: Frederick Elmes
Edited by: Duwayne Dunham
Music Composed and Conducted: Angelo Badalamenti
Sound Mixer: Ann Kroeber
Costume Designer: Gloria Laughride
Make-Up Supervisor: Jeff Goodwin
Hair Stylist: Barbara Page
Special Effects Make-up: Dean Jones
Special Effects: Greg Hull, George Hill
Production Designer: Patricia Norris

Kyle MacLaclan (Jeffrey Beaumont)
Isabella Rossellini (Dorothy Vallens)
Dennis Hopper (Frank Booth)
Laura Dern (Sandy Williams)
Hope Lange (Mrs Williams)
George Dickerson (Detective John D. Williams)
Jack Nance (Paul)
Brad Dourif (Raymond)
Frances Bay (Aunt Barbara)
Dean Stockwell (Ben)
Priscilla Pointer (Mrs Beaumont)
Jack Harvey (Tom Beaumont)
Ken Stovitz (Mike)
J. Michael Hunter (Hunter)
Dick Green (Don Vallens)
Fred Pickler (yellow man/Detective Tom R. Gordon)
Philip Markert (Dr Gynde)
Leonard Watkins, Moses Gibson (Double Ed)
Selden Smith (Nurse Cindy)
Peter Carew (coroner)

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