Blue Thunder (1982)

35mm film, Panavision, 70mm prints, Technicolor, DeLuxe, 2.35:1 (35mm prints), 2:20:1 (70mm prints)
Dolby Stereo (35mm prints), 70mm 6-Track (MegaSound encoding) (70mm prints), English

An American borderline science fiction film directed by John Badham.

Plot Summary

The are trying out a new, hi-tech helicopter, Blue Thunder, which they assign to veteran pilot Frank Murphy. When he discovers that Blue Thunder's designer, Cochrane, is trying to forment civil unrest as a means to justify Blue Thunder Murphy tries to expose his plot.


Directed by: John Badham
© 1982 Columbia Pictures Industries Inc.
A Columbia Pictures presentation. A Rastar-Gordon Carroll production. A John Badham film From Rastar
Executive Producer: Phil Feldman, Andrew Fogelson
Produced by: Gordon Carroll
Associate Producer: Gregg Champion
Written by: Dan O'Bannon, Don Jakoby
Director of Photography: John A. Alonzo
Film Edited by: Frank Morriss, Edward Abroms
Music by: Arthur B. Rubinstein
Production Sound Mixers: John Glascock, Tim Cooney
Costume Designer: Marianna Elliot
Make-up Artist: Greg La Cava
Hair Stylist: Stephen Elsbree
Special Effects Supervisor: Chuck Gaspar
Motion Control Photography by: Dream Quest Images
Art Director: Sydney Z. Litwack

Roy Scheider (Frances ‘Frank' O'Neil Murphy)
Warren Oates (Captain Braddock)
Candy Clark (Kate)
Daniel Stern (Richard Lymangood)
Paul Roebling (Icelan)
David S. Sheiner (Fletcher)
Joe Santos (Montoya)
Malcolm McDowell (Colonel Cochrane)
Ed Bernard (Sergeant Short)
Jason Bernard (mayor)
Anthony James (Grundelius)
Mario Machado (himself)
Jim Murtaugh (Alf Hewitt)
Pat McNamara (Matusek)
Jack Murdock (Kress)
Cliff Pellow (Allen)
Paul Lambert (Holmes)
Phil Feldman (Colonel Coe)
John Garber (tough mechanic)
Robin Braxton (Diana McNeely)



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