Blue Blood (1973)

86m, 7767 feet
35mm film, Technicolor
mono, English

A British horror film directed by Andrew Sinclair. Production began on 19 March 1973.

Plot Summary

Lord Gregory, a lazy, arrogant aristocrat, leaves the day to day running of his estate to his butler Tom who is sacrificing young in in order to bring about Gregory's downfall, the wily manservant hoping to inherit the title for himself.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Andrew Sinclair
© Mallard Productions Ltd.
Impact Quadrant Films Ltd. * A Mallard Film production. David Perlmutter and Gerald Flint-Shipman present
Executive Producer: Geoffrey Nethercott
Produced by: Kent Walwin and John Trent
Production Supervisor: Christopher Neame
Screenplay by: Andrew Sinclair
Based on the Novel ‘The Carry-Cot‘ by: Alexander Thynne
Assistant Director: Derek Whitehurst
Continuity: Penny Daniels
Director of Photography: Harry Waxman
Camera Operator: Cece Cooney
Gaffer: Fred Anderson
Camera Grip: Peter Butler
Editor: Keith Palmer
Processed by: Technicolor
Music Composed by: Brian Gascoigne
Sound Mixer: Robin Gregory
Sound Editor: Don Challis
Dubbing Mixer: Hugh Strain
Re-recorded at: World Wide Sound Ltd
Costume Supervisor: Tiny Nicholls
Make-up Artist: Freddie Williamson
Hairdresser: Betty Glasow
Art Director: J. Charrott-Lodwidge
Prop Man: Charles Torbett
Production Accountant: Gerald Wheatley
Production Secretary: Caroline Langley
Made entirely on location in Wiltshire, England
The producers gratefully wish to acknowledge the assistance of The Marquis of Bath in allowing filming to take place at Longleat House
Casting Director: Miriam Brickman

Oliver Reed (Tom)
Fiona Lewis (Lily)
Anna Gael (Carlotta)
Derek Jacobi (Gregory)
Meg Wynn Owen (Beate Krug)
John Rainer (Clurman)
Richard Davies (Jones)
Gwyneth Owen (Agnes)
Patrick Carter (Cocky)
Elaine Ives-Cameron (Serena)
Tim Wylton (Morrell)
Hubert Rees (Dr Barratt)
Dilys Price (Mrs Barratt)
Andrew McCall (Gerrard)
Sally Anne Newton (Susannah)

Alternative Titles

Blueblood – US title
The Carry-cot – shooting title
I diavoli n. 2, aristocrazia immorale – Italian title



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