Bloody Wednesday (1985)

35mm film, colour

An American horror film directed by Mark G. Gilhuis.

Plot Summary

Harry Curtis loses his wife and job and winds up in jail. On release, he moves into an abandoned hotel and slowly goes insane, having conversations with both his teddy bear and the ghost of the hotel's former bellhop. Eventually Harry decides that the time has come to take his revenge on society…


Director: Mark G. Gilhuis
Visto International Inc, Gilmark Pictures
Executive Producer: William F. Messerli
Producers: Mark G. Gilhuis, Philip Yordan
Co-producers: Robert Ryan, Susan Gilhuis
Associate Producers: Jay Schlossberg-Cohen, Michel Bonneau
Script/Story: Philip Yordan
Director of Photography: Robert Ryan
Music: Al Sendry
Sound: Steve Puiten
Make-up: Sally Norvell
Hair/Wardrobe: Rusty Etheridge
Art Director: Phil Adipietro

Raymond Elmendorf (Harry)
Pamela Baker (Dr Johnson)
Navarre Perry (Ben Curtis)
Teresa Mae Allen (Elaine Curtis)
Jeff O'Haco (Animal)
Linda Dona (pretty lady)
Herb Kronsberg (Walter Burns)
Lee Murray [real name: Murray Cruchley] (Lou Cramer)
John Lamdtroop (bellman)
Richard Curtis (Pastor)
Dale Turner (Jake)
Jim Wilkerson (Mr Grady)
Larry Roberts, Kevin Hulbert (FBI agent)
Victor Ochoa, Will Gotay (vandal)
Mark Denning, Ernie Petrosino (policemen)
Jake Schmidt (sergeant)
Georgia Lambron (swimmer)
Michel Bonneau (Chief of Staff)
Kevin Manion (fire chief)
John Paul O'Rourke (boyfriend)

Alternative Titles

The Great American Massacre