Bloody Christmas (1999)

France, 1999
black and white/colour, 2.35:1

A French short horror film directed by Michel Leray who later expanded it into a feature film with the same title in 2003.

Plot Summary

A Christmas tree comes to life on Christmas Eve and attacks the family who bought it.


Directed by: Michel Leray
Gulliver Productions, La Boîte
Executive Producer: Yann Piquer
Script: Michel Leray
First Assistant Director: Grégory Morin
Director of Photography: J-G Biggs [real name: Gabriel Biggs]
Editor: Claude-France Husson, Michaël Goreman [real name: Michel Leray]
Music by: Michel Leray
Sound Recordist: Jean-Luc Peart
Sound Mixer: Christophe Leroy
Key Makeup Artist: Hélène Voerhess
Special Makeup Effects Artist: Frank Pitussi
Special Effects: Perfectommy

Anthony Desbois (the man)
Lyia Terki (the woman)

Bloody Christmas (2003)