Bloody Birthday (1981)

mono, English

An American horror film directed by Ed Hunt. Production began in May 1980.

Plot Summary

In 1970, three are born during a total eclipse and grow up as sociopathic killers due to the sun and moon blocking Saturn, the planet which controls emotions, during their birth. Ten years have passed and their murderous ways are about to be exposed…


Directed by: Ed Hunt
© MCMLXXX by The Happy Birthday Company LP
A Judica Production
Produced by: Gerald T. Olson
Associate Producer: Steve McGlothen
Screenplay by: Ed Hunt and Barry Pearson
Director of Photography: Stephen Posey
Film Editor: Ann E. Mills
Music Composed and Conductor by: Arlon Ober
Sound Mixer: Anthony Santa Croce
Wardrobe: Michele Logan
Make-up and Hairdressing: Julie Purcell
Special Effects: Roger George
Art Direction and Set Dressing: Linda Burbank and J. Rae Fox

Lori Lethin (Joyce Russel)
Melinda Cordell (Mrs Brody)
Julie Brown (Beverly Brody)
Joe Penny (Mr Harding)
Bert Kramer (Sheriff James Brody)
K.C. Martel (Timmy Russel)
Elizabeth Hoy (Debbie Brody)
Billy Jacoby [real name: Billy Jayne] (Curtis Taylor)
Andy Freeman (Steven Seton)
Susan Strasberg as Miss Davis
José Ferrer as the doctor
Ben Marley (Duke Benson)
Erica Hope (Annie Smith)
Ellen Geer (Madge)
Daniel Currie
William Boyett
Shane Butterworth (classmate)
Ward Costello
Michael Dudikoff (Willard)
Cyril O'Reilly (Paul)

Alternative Titles

Angst – West German title
Aniversário Sangrento – Brazilian title
Compleanno in casa Farrow – Italian title
Creeps – working title
Cumpleaños sangriento – Spanish title
Happy Birthday – shooting title
Kinder des Teufels – West German title
Pienet paholaiset – Finnish title
Totale Angst Über der Stadt – West German title
Les Tueurs de l'éclipse – French title