Bloodstream (1985)

UK, 1985
Super 8mm film, colour

A British horror film directed by Michael J. Murphy.

Plot Summary

Film maker Alistair is ripped-off by his producer William King and goes on a murderous rampage inspired by the brutal killings in the horror films he loves so much.


Director: Michael J. Murphy
© [not given on screen]
Custom F.V. in association with Carma Productions present
Executive Producer: Philip Mitchell
Producer: Caroline Aylward
Screenplay: Carl Humphries
Director of Photography: Arthur Devos
Editor: Mike Melsack
Music: Orbbreaker & Cature
Sound: David Daynes
Costumes: Joyce Bernard
Make-up: Helen Piper
Hairstyles: Alison Proud
Special Make-up Effects: Tracey Wassell
Special Photographic Effects: William Stote
Production Design: Fulvio Manconi

Patrick Olliver (Alistair)
Jacqueline Logan (Nikki)
Catherine Rowlands (Judy)
Mark Wells (William)
Steven Longhurst (Simon)
David Slater (Greg)
Samantha Page (Lisa)
Wendy Young (Sally)
Nanda Adkin
Lindsey Allen
Marina Bolton
Michael Clay
Denise Daniels
Nick Davey
James Day
Shaun Gray
Al Greer
Ian Harris
Robert Holden
Wayne Karosi