Bloodlust (1992)

Australia, 1992

An Australian horror film directed by Jon Hewitt and Richard Wolstencroft.

Plot Summary

A trio of drug-addicted vampires are loose in Melbourne. They carry out a successful robbery, making off with millions, but are pursued by deranged killers who want their share.


Directors: Jon Hewitt, Richard Wolstencroft
Windhover Productions
Producer: Jon Hewitt
Script: Jon Hewitt, Richard Wolstencroft
Director of Photography: Gary Ravenscroft
Editor: Jon Hewitt
Music: Ross Hazeldine
Costume Designer: Anne Liedel
Special Make Up Effects: Brent Houghton
Special Effects Supervisor: John Fox
Armourer: John Fox
Locations: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Special Thanks: David Wolstencroft

Big Bad Ralph (Butch)
Kelly Chapman (Frank)
Max Crawdaddy (Deke)
John Flaus (Mr Fetish)
Michael Helms (Brother Thiatus)
Lex Middleton (Brother Bob)
Paul Moder (Steig)
Phil Motherwell (Brother Bem)
Robert James O’Neill (Tad)
Ian Rilen (Dee)
Colin Savage (Sonny)
Jane Stuart Wallace (Lear)
James Young (Zeke)


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