Bloodeaters (1980)

USA, 1980
Super 16mm, 35mm [blow-up], colour, 1.85:1
mono, English

An American gore film directed by Charles McCrann. It became infamous in the UK as one of the “video nasties”.

Plot Summary

The Drugs Enforcement Agency spray an illegal drug crop with a new chemical defoliant which turns anyone using the dope into blood-crazed zombies.


Directed by: Charles McCrann
Copyright CM Productions
Produced by: Charles McCrann
Associate Producer: J. William Lee
Written by: Charles McCrann
Director of Photography: David Sperling
Edited by: Charles McCrann, David Sperling
Music Composed and Recorded by: Ted Shapiro
Sound: James McGonigal Jr
Make Up: Craig Harris, Gerald Cullen
Special Effects: Craig Harris
Set Design: Craig Harris

Charles Austin [real name: Charles McCrann] (Cole)
Beverly Shapiro (Polly)
Paul Haskin (Briggs)
John Amplas (Phillips)
Claude Scales (farmer)
Dennis Graber (hippie leader)
Debra O’Leary (leader’s girl)
Bob Hanson
Gerald Cullen
Ronald Kienhuis (Joey)
Kim Roff
Craig Harris
James Hart (federal agent #1)
John Kuhi (federal agent #2)
Alyssa Allyn
William Shetterly
Debbie Link
James McGonigal

Alternative Titles

Blood Butchers
Crying Fields – Sie wurden zu Bestien der Apokalypse
– West Germany
Forest of Fear
– UK (video), working title
Mutiert РVergessen in der H̦lle
– West Germany
Toxic Zombies

Extracts included in
Mad Ron’s Prevues from Hell (1987)



  • Variety 29 October 1980 p.18 – credits, review