Bloodbath at the House of Death (1984)

UK, 1983
87m 34s (UK – video (PAL)), 91m 47s (UK – theatrical)
35mm film, colour
mono, English

A British comedy horror film directed by Ray Cameron.

Plot Summary

A team of scientists investigate Headstone Manor and phenomena on display there. Years before, another group of people were massacred at the house and it soon becomes clear that a Satanic cult is at work in the area and are now planning to massacre the scientists.


Directed by: Ray Cameron
© Wildwood Productions Limited MCMLXXXIII [1983]
Stuart D. Donaldson presents a Ray Cameron film. Made by Wildwood Productions
Executive Producers: Laurence Myers, Stuart D. Donaldson
Produced by: Ray Cameron
Co-producer: John Downes
Written by: Ray Cameron, Barry Cryer
Photographed by: Brian West, Dusty Miller
Film Editor: Brian Tagg
Music by: Mike Moran, Mark London
Sound Recordist: Chris Munro
Wardrobe: Paul Vachon
Make-Up Artist: Eric Allwright
Hairdresser: Elaine Bowerbank
Animation: Graham Garside
The producers wish to thank Ian Rowley for his assistance on special effects
Art Director: John Sunderland
Casting Director: Susan Whatmough
Made entirely on location in Hertfordshire, England

Kenny Everett (Lucas Mandeville)
Pamela Stephenson (Barbara Coyle)
Vincent Price (the Sinister Man)
Gareth Hunt (Elliot Broome)
Don Warrington (Stephen Wilson)
John Fortune (John Harrison)
Sheila Steafel (Sheila Finch)
John Stephen Hill (Henry Noland)
Cleo Rocos (Deborah Kedding)
Graham Stark (blind man)
Pat Ashton (barmaid)
David Lodge (Inspector Goule)
Davilia David (Sheila's mother)
Debbie Linden (attractive girl)
Tim Barrett, Oscar Quitak (doctors)
Ellis Dale (patient)
Barry Cryer (police inspector)
Anna Dawson (nurse)
Gordon Rollings (man at bar)
Jack Le White (old man)
Ray Cameron (policeman)
Sandy Donaldson (dog)
Michael McIntyre [voice of E.T. – uncredited]

Alternative Titles

Hautakiven kartano – Finnish title
Krwawa lania w domu smierci – Polish title
Lisää verta pyttyyn, pojat! – Finnish title
Mera blod i baljan boys – Swedish title
Ruuvit löysällä – Finnish title
Sangre en la casa de la muerte – Venezuelan title

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