Blood Voyage (1976)

35mm film, colour
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Frank Mitchell.

Plot Summary

A group on a yachting cruise to Hawaii are picked off one-by-one by a mysterious killer.


Director: Frank Mitchell
Voyage Films
Producer: Gene M. Levy
Written by: William Tate, Jim Patton
Director of Photography: – Herschel Lee May
Music: Phillip Lambro
Make-up: Frank Griffin

Jonathan Lippe (Andy Mason)
Laurie Rose (Jill)
Midori (Amy)
Mara Modair (Carol)
John Hart (Dr Jules Craig)
Gene Tyburn (Scotty)
Pete Kellett (Mac)
Doug Burne (Pete Nelson)
Fred Stromsoe (boat owner)
Jim Patton and Warren Farlow (crewmen)

Alternative Titles

Dødelig seilas – Norwegian title
Nightmare Voyage – UK video title


Monthly Film Bulletin vol.47 no.552 (January 1980) p.5
A grotesquely contrived maritime variation on Ten Little Niggers so full of holes and implausibilities, not to mention being weighted down by endless expository dialogue, that it sinks incontinently before even leaving port. Since the hero's trauma is loudly telegraphed from the outset (whenever crossed, or faced with references to killing, he is assailed by distorted battlefield sound effects in which one gathers that his sergeant ordered him to wipe out an entire village) the half-hearted attempt to present the first murders as suspensefully mysterious seems peculiarly pointless. The rest is mainly a matter of bared bosoms, amorous exercises and stilted performances. – from a review by Tom Milne


Monthly Film Bulletin vol.47 no.552 (January 1980) p.5 – credits, synopsis, review (by Tom Milne)