Blood Ties (1991)

USA, 27 May 1991
“Filmed in Panavision”, colour
Dolby, English

An American horror television film directed by Jim McBride.

Plot Summary

A group of , the Carpathian Americans, are based in Long Beach where teenager Cody ends up after his parents are murdered by mysterious hunters. Cody is soon lured into the vampires' way of life but the vampire hunters that killed his parents are closing in…


Directed by: Jim McBride
© 1991
A Richard and Esther Shapiro Entertainment Inc production
Executive Producers: Richard and Esther Shapiro
Produced by: Gene Corman
Co-Produced by: Jim McBride
Written by: Richard Shapiro
Director of Photography: Alfonso Beato
Edited by: Stephen Semel
Music by: Brad Fiedel
Sound Mixer: Bill Fiege
Costume Designer: Mark Kay Stoltz
Key Make-up: Bonita DeHaven
Key Hair Stylist: Wayne Coker
Special Effects: Bruno van Zeebroeck
Special Visual Effects: Introvision International
Production Designer: Lisa Fischer

Harley Venton (Harry Martin/Harlevon Martinescu)
Patrick Bauchau (Eli Chelarin)
Kim Johnston-Ulrich (Amy Lorne)
Michelle Johnson (Celia)
Salvator Xuereb (Butcherbird “Butch” Vlad)
Jason London (Cody Puckett)
Bo Hopkins (chief hunter)
Michael C. Gwynne (Marvin)
Robert Lesser (Alex Smart)
Nicholas Kepros (Vasile)
Bill Landrum (guru)
Robert Burr (Dragomir)
Gregory Scott Cummins (hunter #2)
Robert Miano (hunter #3)
Marilyn Rockafellow (manager)
Ron Dortch (Judge Morgan)
Dave Florek (the man)
Barbara March (woman guest #2)
Philip Moon (jury foreman)
Geoffrey Cascio, Richard Giorla, Regan Patno, Joseph Reitman, Jamy Woodbury (the shrikes)
Grace Zabriskie (the woman)

Alternative Titles

Der Klan der Vampire – Germany



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