Blood Tide (1981)

UK, Greece,
80m (Germany), 82m (USA), 97m (UK)
35mm film, colour
mono, English

A British/Greek horror film directed by Richard Jefferies.

Plot Summary

Madeleine, an American artist vacationing in Greece, becomes increasingly obsessed with an ancient cult that sacrificed virgins to their sea god. While entertaining her brother and sister-in-law, Madeleine comes face to face with this ancient deity as it's reborn during a violent series of explosions set off by an American archaeologist.


Directed by: Richard Jefferies
© Raftage Ltd 1981
Donald Langdon for Raftage presents
Executive Producer: John D. Schofield
Produced by: Nico Mastorakis, Donald Langdon
Co Producer & Creative Consultant: Brian Trenchard Smith
Associate Producer: Luigi Cingolani
Screenplay by: Richard Jefferies, Nico Mastorakis
Director of Photography: Aris Stavrou
Supervising Editor: Robert Leighton
Editors: Michael Bloecher, Alberto Valenzuela
Music by: Jerry Mosely
Soundman: Manuel Topete Blake
Costume Director: Moss Mabry
Make Up: Argyro Kouroupou
Hairdresser: Nicky Psimouli
Special Effects: Yannis Samiotis
Monster Creation: Vince Jeffords
Special Explosive Effects: Dick Albane, A&A Special Effects
Art Director: Aurelio Crugnola

James Earl Jones (Frye)
José Ferrer (Nereus)
Lila Kedrova (Sister Anna)
Mary Louise Weller (Sherry)
Martin Kove (Neil)
Lydia Cornell (Barbara)
Deborah Shelton (Madeline)
Sofia Seirli (Sister Elena)
Despina Tomazani (Lethe's mother)
Rania Photiou (Lethe)
Spyros Papafrantziz (Dionysis)
Irini Tripkou (virgin)
Annabel Schofield (Vikki)

Alternative Titles

Bloodtide – US title
Demon Island – US television title
Die Gezeiten des Blutes – West German title
Das Monster aus der Tiefe – West German title
The Red Tide
Verinen vuorovesi
– Finnish title

Extracts included in
Terror on Tape (1983)

Production Notes

It was shot on the island of Monemvasia in the Greek Peloponessus in the summer of 1980 1Screen International no.250 (19-26 July 1980) p.15


Screen International no.250 (19-26 July 1980) p.15 – illustrated article (Red Tide' brings in new talent)

Dead or Alive: British Horror Films 1980-1989 (festival edition) by Darrell Buxton (ed) pp.10-11 – credits, review (by Fraser Burnett)