Blood Thirst (1966)

35mm film, black and white, 1.66:1
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Newt Arnold. It was shot in 1966 but not released until 1971.

Plot Summary

Dancers at The Barrio Club in Manila are turning up dead, their bodies drained of blood through wounds in their arms. Local cop Inspector Ramos is baffled so calls on the services of American sex-crimes expert Adam Rourke to help. Rourke wanders the streets of the city in search of clues, initially suspecting the club's manager, Calderon. But further investigations suggests that the killer is mutated monster working for blonde dancer Serena, a member of a blood cult, chosen as their “golden goddess” and blessed with eternal beauty – but only if she regularly ingests women's blood.


Directed by: Newt Arnold
© 1966 Nemours Productions, Inc.
Filmed entirely in the Philippines by Journey Productions, Inc.
Executive Producer: Michael Dupont
Produced by: Newt Arnold
Story and Screenplay: N.I.P. Dennis
Director of Photography: Hermo Santos
Film Editor: Cielito Santillan
Chief Sound Engineer: Manuel Daves
Make-up: Andrea Manahan

Robert Winston [Adam Rourke]
Katherine Henryk
Yvonne Nielson [Serena]
Vic Diaz [Captain Miguel Ramos]
Vic Silayan [Calderon]
Eddie Infante
Bruno Punzalán
Judy Dennis
Max Rojo
Ching Tello
Minda Morena
Isidro Francisco
Felix Marfil

Alternative Titles

Blood Seekers
The Horror from Beyond

Extracts included in

Extra Weird (2003)
Shiver & Shudder Show (2002)
Trailer Trauma 2: Drive-In Monsterama (2016)



  • Cinematic Vampires by John L. Flynn