Blood Theatre (1984)

35mm film, colour

An American horror film directed by Rick Sloane.

Plot Summary

A haunted cinema is about to be re-opened after many years and the restoration team fall foul of the spirits haunting it.


Directed by: Rick Sloane
© Rick Sloane
Movie House Productions
Executive Producers:
Produced by: Rick Sloane
Written by: Rick Sloane
Photographed by: Rick Sloane
Editor: Rick Sloane
Music by: Rick Sloane
Production Sound Mixers: Terry Taylor, Ken Thorton
Make-up: Darcy of Hollywood
Special Effects: Rick Sloane

Mary Woronov (Miss Blackwall)
Jenny Cunningham (Jennifer/Ellen)
Jonathan Blakely (the original owner)
Andrew Cofrin (Adrian)
Joanna Foxx (Selena)
Stephanie Dillard (Darcy)
Rob-Roy Fletcher (Dean Murdock)
Daniel Schafer (Malcolm)
David Millbern (young original owner)
Lynne Darcy (ticket booth girl)
Cynthia Hartline (Jamie Hart)
Lisa Lindsley (Lisa)
Pam McCormack (Lisa's friend)
Joni Barnes (Dee-Dee)
Lori Tidesmanson (Dee-Dee's friend)
Barrie Metz (multiplex employee)
Terry Taylor
Joe Howard
Alice Raley (popcorn victim)
Bruce Nangle (Ellen's lover)

Alternative Titles

Movie House Massacre
Teatro de Sangue – Brazilian title



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