Blood Sucking Freaks (1976)

88m (France, USA – director's cut), 89m (Australia), 91m
35mm film, colour
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Joel M. Reed.

Plot Summary

Stage magician Sardu and his assistant naked women live on stage. The audience believes that they're watching elaborate illusions, little realising that it's all for real…


Directed by: Joel M. Reed
© [not given on screen]
An Alan C. Margolin-Joel M. Reed production
Produced by: Alan G. Margolin
Written by: Joel M. Reed
Continuity: Mayo Gray
Cinematography: Gerry Toll [real name: Ron Dorfman]
Assistant Cameraman: John Coleone
Gaffer: Stephen DeVita
Grips: Ben Jennings, Richard Louis
Still Photographer: Gale B. McCarty
Edited by: Victor Kanefsky and Joel R. Herson
Post-Production Services: Valkhn Films, Inc.
Music by: Michael Sahl
Percussion: Cleve Polar
Music Recording: Michael Lobel
Sound: Freddie Rottnest
Rerecording: Emil Neroda
Make-up and Special Effects: Bob O'Bradovich
Production Assistant: Daniel Tieger
Choreography: Gyles Fontaine
Art Gallery Scene: UnaBare Gallery
Casting: Dorothy Palmer

Seamus O'Brien (Master Sardu)
Viju Krem (Natasha D'Natalie)
Niles McMaster (Tom Maverick)
Dan Fauci (Sergeant John Tucci)
Alan Dellay (Creasy Silo)
Ernie Pysher (the doctor)
Luis De Jesus as Ralphus
Helen Thompson, Saiyanidi (Sardu's assistants)
Carol Mara
Linda Small
Alphonso [real name: Alphonso DeNoble] (Sardu's money handler)
Illa Howe
Lynette Sheldon
Janis Beaver
Karen Fraser
Michelle Craig
Erica Wolfe
Gail Renay
Rita Montone
Judy Best
Carol Henry
Athena Anderson
Joann Friedman
Sharani Gomez
Juliet Graham
Suzanne Wall
Arlana Blue (naked cannibal woman)
Evalyna Wade
George Davalos, Robert Kirsh (shipping van guys)

Alternative Titles

Bloodsucking Freaks
Heritage of Caligula
The Heritage of Caligula: An Orgy of Sick Minds
– USA (video)
The House of the Screaming Virgins
The Incredible Torture Show
– USA (alternative)
Incredible Torture Show
– France (video)
Sardu, Master of the Screaming Virgins
– early title

Bloodsucking Freaks II (2006)

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Dying: Last Seconds of Life Part II (1988)
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