Blood Stalkers (1975)

35mm film, colour, 1.85:1
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Robert W. Morgan.

Plot Summary

Two tourists in Florida are stalked by a group of psychopaths.


Directed by: Robert W. Morgan
© Bloodstalkers, Ltd. 1975
Robert W. Morgan, Irv Rudley and Stan Webb present
Executive Producer: Ben Morse
Written by: Robert W. Morgan
Director of Photography: Irv Rudley
Music Composed and Conducted by: Stan Webb
Mixer-Recordist: Stan Webb
Wardrobe: Ann De Levay
Make-up: Matella-Maria
Special Effects: Doug Hobart
Art Director: Toni Crabtree

Kenny Miller [real name: Ken Miller] (Daniel)
Jerry Albert (Mike)
Celea Ann Cole [real name: Cisse Cameron] (Jeri)
Toni Crabtree (Kim)
Herb Goldstein (the old man)
Robert W. Morgan (Jarvis)
John H. Meyer (Lester)
David Faris Legge (Pip)
Stan Webb (the mute)
Lane Chiles (deputy)
Joe Hilton (preacher)
Irv Rudley (first man)
Nina Baeza (first woman)
Jerry Wallson (second man)
Karen Williams (second woman)
Ted Ernst, Joanne Retieu, Michael Polesnek (townspeople)
Chuck Yates (extra)
Kristina von Mueller (Krissy the dog)

Alternative Titles

Chasseurs de sang
– France
The Night Daniel Died



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