Blood Song (1982)

35mm film, colour
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Alan J. Levi with additional scenes directed by Robert Angus.

Plot Summary

A serial killer escapes from a mental institution and goes on the rampage, tracking down the young woman who had a blood transfusion from him and now has a psychic link with him.


Directed by: Alan J. Levi
Additional Sequences Directed by: Robert Angus
© MCMLXXXII [1982] by Allstate Film Company
Allstate High Enterprises and Mountain High Enterprises present an Alan J. Levi film
Executive Producers: Lee Turner, Stephan B. Sofro
Produced by: Frank Avianca and Lenny Montana
Screenplay by: James Fargo, Frank Avianca, Lenny Montana
Based on an Original Story by: Joseph M. Shink, George Hart
Director of Photography: Steve Posey
Editor: Ann Mills *
Music Composed and Conducted by: Rob Walsh
Sound Mixers: Michael Moore, Darryl Linkow
Wardrobe: Helen Kinsey
Make Up: Yvonne Curry
Special Effects: Rick Hatcher
Art Director: Robert A. Burns

Donna Wilkes (Marion)
Richard Jaeckel (Frank)
Antoinette Bower (Bea)
Dane Clark (Sheriff Gibbons)
Lenny Montana (Skipper)
Frankie Avalon (Paul [Foley])
William Kirby Cullen (Joey)
Jennifer Eskat (Judith)
Victor Izay (doctor)
Noelle North (Cathy)
Christopher Scrano (Deputy Wilkins)
David Arnot (1st boy)
Norman Brecke (Norm)
Roydon Clark (watchman)
Candace Dickey (Betty)
Robert Diedrich (2nd reporter)
Erick Fischer, Jeffery Isham (frisbee players)
Dennis R. Karroll (1st reporter)
Jim Kimball (Judith's father)
Kit Lewis, Don Perry (gas station attendants)

Alternative Titles

Dream Slayer

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