Blood Shack (1971)

USA, 1Current versions of the film are copyrighted 1980

An American horror film directed by Ray Dennis Steckler using the pseudonym Wolfgang Schmidt.

Plot Summary

A young woman inherits a ranch supposedly haunted by the mysterious Chooper.


Directed by: Wolfgang Schmidt A pseudonym for Ray Dennis Steckler]
© MCMLXXX [1980] by Ciné Paris Films, Ltd [opening credits]
© MCMLXXXI [1981], Steckler Enterprises Inc [closing credits]
A Program Releasing Corporation movie. A Ciné Paris Films, Ltd Production
Produced by: Carol Flynn [real name: Carolyn Brandt]
Script: Ron Haydock, Ray Dennis Steckler [both uncredited]
Scenario by: Christopher Edwards
Photographed by: Sven Christian
Edited by: Sven Christian
Music: Frank A. Coe
Sound Effects: Frank A. Coe

Carolyn Brandt (Carol)
Ron Haydock (Tim)
Jason Wayne (Daniel)
Laurel Spring (Connie)
John Bates (Charlie)
Linda Steckler (Margie)
Laura Steckler (Barbra)
Steve Edwards (constable)
Peanuts the pony

Alternative Titles

Blood Monster – working title
The Chooper
Curse of the Evil Spirit
– US video title