Blood Rage (1983)

79m, 82m, 85m [composite cut]
35mm film, colour, 1.85:1
mono, English

An American horror film directed by John M. Crissmer.

Plot Summary

Todd and Terry are implicated in a brutal axe murder at a drive-in. Todd is blamed and locked up but ten years later at a family reunion they learn that Todd has escaped – and that he may not have been the killer all along…


Directed by: John M. Crissmer
© 1983 Film Limited Partnership MCMLXXXIV [1984] 1The copyright line cites two different years]
Production Companies: A Marianne Kanter production. Complex Films, Ltd. presents
Executive Producers: J.W. Stanley
Produced by: Marianne Kanter
Written by: Richard Lamden
Director of Photography: Richard E. Brooks
Edited by: Michael R. Miller
Music Composed and Arranged by: Richard Einhorn
Sound Recordist: Rick Waddell
Wardrobe Designer: Susan Money
Make-up: Joanna Robinson
Special Make-up and Effects: Ed French
Ms Lasser's Hair Stylist: Crystal Jacobs Ligori
Additional Stylist: Dorothy Kay
Production Designer: Jim Rule

Louise Lasser (Maddy)
Mark Soper (Terry/Todd)
Jayne Bentzen (Julie)
Julie Gordon (Karen)
James Farrell (Artie)
Chad Montgomery (Gregg)
Lisa Randall (Andrea)
William Fuller (Brad)
Marianne Kanter (Dr Berman)
Doug Weiser (Jackie)
Gerry Lou (Beth)
Ed French (Bill)
Dana Drescher (little girl)
Brad Williams (teen boy at drive-in)
Rebecca Thorp (teen girl at drive-in)
Bill Cakmis (Maddy's date)
Keith Hall (young Terry)
Ross Hall (young Todd)
Lauren Myers (baby)
Amanda Ball (baby)

Alternative Titles

Nightmare at Shadow Woods – Australia
Pesadilla en Sherman Woods – Spain
Slasher – alternative title



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