Blood of Dracula’s Castle (1969)

USA, 1967
35mm film, colour
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Al Adamson.

Plot Summary

Dracula turns up in contemporary California, sharing a castle with his wife. They abduct a number of young local women who they chain up in the dungeon.


Director: Al Adamson
© MCMLXIX [1969] A&E Film Corporation
Crown International presents a Paragon International picture
Executive Producer: Martin B. Cohen
Producers: Al Adamson, Rex Carlton
Associate Producers: Ewing Brown, Jerome Wexler
Script: Rex Carlton
Director of Photography: Leslie Kovacs
Supervising Editor: Ewing Brown
Editor: Peter Perry
Music: Lincoln Mayorage
Production Sound: Jerry Hansen
Make Up: Jean Hewitt
Special Make Up Effects: Kenny Osborne
Locations: Indio, California, USA; San Diego, California, USA

John Carradine (George)
Paula Raymond (Countess Townsend)
Alexander D’Arcy as Count Dracula
Robert Dix (Johnny)
Gene O’Shane (Glen Cannon)
Barbara Bishop (Liz Arden)
Vicki Volante (Ann)
Ray Young (Mango)
John Cardos
Ken Osborne

Alternative Titles

Castle of Dracula
Dracula und seine Opfer
– West German title
Dracula’s Castle
– US television title
Dracula’s Coffin
– working title
Feast of the Vampires
– early title
– Finnish title


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