Blood Link (1982)


An Italian horror film directed by Alberto De Martino using the pseudonym Martin Herbert.

Plot Summary

Keith Mannings is having terrifying of himself murdering women and comes to realise that he is in fact in psychic touch with his long-lost Siamese twin Craig. Keith realises that Craig is on a murderous rampage and travels to Hamburg to see if he can stop him.


Director: Martin Herbert [real name: Alberto De Martino]
Producer: Roberto Palaggi
Script: Theodore Apstein
Story: Alberto De Martino, Max De Rita [real name: Massimo De Rita]
Director of Photography: Romano Albani
Editor: Russell Lloyd
Music: Ennio Morricone
Dialogue Director: Peter Fernandez

Michael Moriarty (Keith Mannings/Craig Mannings)
Penelope Milford (Julie Warren)
Geraldine Fitzgerald (Mrs Thomason)
Cameron Mitchell (Bud Waldo)
Sarah Langenfeld (Christine Webb)
Martha Smith (Hedwig)
Virginia McKenna (woman in ballroom)
Robert K. Olszewski [real name: Reinhold Olszewski] (Inspector Hessinger)
Henriette Gonnermann (woman tourist)
Vonne Sherman (Millie)
Peter Mannering (Bill)
YaÔl Forti (woman in bell tower)
Alex Diakun (Mr Adams)
Peter Schlesinger (stocky man)
Shaun Lawton (man with cigar)
Max Buchsbaum (promoter)
Georg Tryphon (waiter)
Reece Hasanen, Troy Hasanen ()

Alternative Titles

Blutspur – West German title
The Link