Blood Harvest (1987)

16mm film, colour

An American horror film directed by Bill Rebane. In 2012, Rebane released a “director's cut” under the title Nightmare which had slightly different credits.


Directed by: Bill Rebane
© [not given on original prints]
© 2012 by Bill Rebane [director's cut]
Buddy's Inc. presents a Shooting Ranch Ltd. production
Silver Street International Releasing presents a film by Rill Rebane [director's cut]
Executive Producers: Bill Rebane, Frank Kinnikin
Produced by: Leszek Burzynski
Associate Producers: Trevor Anonsen, Chris Vaalar
Associate Producers: Alan Rainer, Dave Jackson, Trevor Anonsen, Chris Valaar [director's cut]
Screenplay by: Ben Benson, Emil Joseph
Original Screenplay by: Bill Rebane, Leszek Burzynski, Rex Benson [director's cut]
Story by: Chris Vaalar, William Arthur
Edited by: Teddy Darvas
Director's Cut Editor: Barbara J. Rebane
Director of Photography: Ito [real name: Bill Rebane, credited as Rebane on the director's cut]
Music by: George Daugherty Filmusic Inc.
Sound: Peter Clemence
Wardrobe: Jutta Boettcher
Makeup: Robin and Jutta
Special Makeup Effects: Pat Cannon, Robert Johnson
Special Effects: Dietre Sturm, Special Effects International
Production Designer: Ito [real name: Bill Rebane] [director's cut]
Art Director: Joseph Jolton
Filmed entirely at the Shooting Ranch Studios, Lincoln County, Wisconsin

Tiny Tim (Mervo)
Itonia Salchek [credited as Cari Salochek on the director's cut] (Jill)
Dean West [credited as Ed Bevin on the director's cut] (Gary)
Lori Minnetti (Sarah)
Peter Krause (boyfriend)
Frank Benson (the sheriff)
Albert Jaggard (the priest)
William Dexter (man in cafe)
Ariene Dexter (1st bank teller)
Jeanette Belant (2nd bank teller)
Pete Van Ryan (auctioneer)
H. Woodward (assistant auctioneer)
Randy Scott, Chris Jahnke, Jim Zabella, Dave Doyle (game players)

Alternative Titles

The Marvelous Mervo – US video title
Nightmare – US Director's Cut title



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