Blood Frenzy (1987)

35mm, colour

An American horror film directed by Hal Freeman.

Plot Summary

A doctor takes six of his emotionally unstable patients on a trip into the desert for some “confrontational ” and fall foul of a killer who gorily murders them one by one.


Directed by: Hal Freeman
© MCMLXXXVIII Hollywood Family Entertainment
Hollywood Family Entertainment presents a Hal Freeman film
Produced by: Hal Freeman
Written by: Ted Newsom
Director of Photography: Richard Pepin
Film Editor: Ruben A. Mazzini
Original Music by: Digital Arts [opening titles] Digital [end titles]
Production Sound Mixer: Peter Bentley
Wardrobe Co-ordinator: Sheri Kay Freeman
Make-up: Elizabeth Valenzuela
Special Visual Effects: John Goodwin

Wendy MacDonald (Dr Barbara Shelley)
Tony Montero (Rick Carlson)
Lisa Loring (Dory)
Hank Garrett (Dave Ash)
Lisa Savage (Cassie)
Monica Silveria (Jean)
John Clark as Crawford
Carl Tignino (Dory's father)
J'Aime Cohen (Little Dory)
Eddie Laufer (little Lonnie)
Chuck Rhae (Lonnie)
Claire Cassano (waitress)

Alternative Titles

Blood Frenzy, frenesia sanguinaria – Italy
Krwawe szalenstwo – Poland



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