Blood Feast (1963)

58m; 67m (USA); 70m (Australia); 75m (most likely incorrect)

An American film – the first of its kind although the Japanese Jigoku (1960) beat it to the punch internationally – directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis who would become synonymous with violent horror films. Originally banned in the UK, the film was finally awarded an 18 certificate in 2001 but with a token 23 seconds of cuts. It was submitted again in 2005 and was this time passed uncut.

Plot Summary

A mad Egyptian caterer collects female human body parts in readiness for the of his goddess, . He plans to use an engagement party, for which he's been hired as the caterer, to stage the ritual that will bring the evil Ishtar back from the dead.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Herschell Gordon Lewis
© Copyright MCMLXIII [1963] Box Office Spectaculars, Inc.
Box Office Spectaculars, Inc. presents a Friedman-Lewis production
Produced by: David F. Friedman
Screenplay by: A. Louise Downe [A. Louise Downe is credited as screenplay writer but in fact only typed the script for Friedman and Lewis]
Story: David F. Friedman, Herschell Gordon Lewis [both uncredited]
Photographed by: Herschell Gordon Lewis
Film Editors: Robert Sinise and Frank Romolo
Original Thematic Music by: Herschell Gordon Lewis
Sound: David F. Friedman
Special Effects: Herschell Gordon Lewis *

Thomas Wood [William Kerwin] [Pete Thornton]
Mal Arnold [Fuad Ramses]
Connie Mason [Suzette Fremont]
Lyn Bolton [Mrs Fremont]
Scott H. Hall [ captain]
Toni Calvert [Trudy]
Ashlyn Martin [Marcy]
Astrid Olson [motel victim]
Sandra Sinclair [Pat Tracey]
Gene Courtier [Tony]
Louise Kamp
Hal Rich
Al Golden [Dr Flanders]

Blood Feast 2: All U Can Eat (2002)

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Variety 6 May 1964
Incredibly crude and unprofessional from start to finish, Blood Feast is an insult even to the most peurile and salacious of audiences. The very fact that it is taking itself seriously makes David F. Friedman production all the more ludicrous. It is a fiasco in all departments […] Herschell Gordon Lewis served in the three-ply capacity of director-cameraman-composer and has failed dismally on all three counts. The acting is amateurish, top to bottom. – from a review by Tube

Sight & Sound vol.11 no.10 (October 2001) p.65
Tasteless, technically inept, appallingly acted and possibly (alongside George A. Romero's Night of the Living Dead and Herk Harvey's Carnival of Souls) one of the most important horror films of the 1960s. […] Comically entertaining as a movie, genuinely significant as a genre document” – from a DVD review (Home movies: Premiere releases) by [DL] Danny Leigh



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