Blood Diner (1987)

35mm, colour
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Jackie Kong.

Plot Summary

Two cannibals are trying to revive the five million year old goddess Shitaar by assembling body parts and preparing a “blood buffet”.


Directed by: Jackie Kong
© MCMLXXXVII [1987] Lightning Pictures, Inc.
Lightning Pictures presents a Jackie Kong film. A PMS Filmworks Inc. production
Executive Producers: Lawrence Kasanoff, Ellen Steloff
Produced by: Jimmy Maslon
Screenplay by: Michael Sonye
Director of Photography: Jürg Walther
Editor: Thomas Meshelski
Music Composed by: Don Preston
Sound: Dave Masnica
Costume Designer: Shiz Herrera
Make-up Artist: Loraina Drucker
Hair: Linda Brown
Special Effects: Bruce Zahlava
Production Designer: Ron Petersen

Rick Burks (Michael Tutman)
Carl Crew (George Tutman)
Roger Dauer (Mark Shepard)
LaNette La France (Sheba Jackson)
Lisa Guggenheim [real name: Lisa Elaina] (Connie Stanton)
Max Morris (Chief Miller)
Roxanne Cybelle (little Michael)
Sir Rodenheaver (little George)
Dino Lee (King of White Trash)
The Luv Johnsons (The White Trash Review)
Drew Godderis (Anwar)
Bob Loya (Stan Saldin)
Alan Corona (Paul Stanton)
Deseree Rose (Mrs Stanton)
Laurie Guzda (Joanne)
Tanya Papanicolas (Sheetar & Bitsy)
Karen Hazelwood (Babs)
Effie Bilbrey (Peggy)
Cynthia Baker (Cindy)
John Randall (Buzz)

Alternative Titles

Blood Diner – Garantiert geschmacklos – West German title
Blood Feast 2 – working title
Jantar Fatal – Portuguese title
Krwawa wieczerza – Polish title
Il ristorante all'angolo – Italian title

See also
Blood Feast (1963)


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