Blood Cult (1985)

35mm film, colour, 1.33:1
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Christopher Lewis.

Plot Summary

A serial killer, part of a Satanic cult, stalks female co-eds on an Oklahoma college campus.


Directed by: Christopher Lewis
© 1985 United Entertainment Pictures
Production Companies: United Entertainment Pictures presents
Executive Producer: Bill F. Blair
Produced by: Linda Lewis
Written by: Stuart Rosenthal
Additional Dialogue: James Vance
Director of Photography: Paul MacFarlane
Editors: Christopher Lewis, Paul MacFarlane
Music by: Rod Slane
Sound: Walt Banfield
Make-up Artist: Suzy Graham
Hair Designs by: Bradley's

Julie Andelman (Tina)
Charles Ellis (Ron)
Josef Hardt (Doc White)
Bennie Lee McGowan (Mrs Moore)
James Vance (Joel)
David Brent Stice (deputy)
Fred Graves (Dean)
Bob Duffield (Mr Moore)
Allison O'Meilia (girl in shower)
Christi Beavers (Jill)
Bryan Gilbreath (boy at party)
Robbie Cobb (Sara)
Joy Jordan (girl in cafeteria)
Mary Dickens (server)
Carolyn Wallace (cashier)
Charlie Yip (dishwasher)
Catherine L. Tolin (librarian)
Dot Whisman (waitress)
Paul Cowoin (bum)
David Woods (the figure)

Alternative Titles

Slasher – alternative title

Extracts included in
Rewind This! (2013)



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  • Nightmare USA by Stephen Thrower p.516 – note