Blood Circus (1985)

35mm film, colour, Thundervision
mono, Santophonics

An American science fiction film directed by John Corso, Joseph Ryan Zwick and Bob Harris, a pseudonym for Santo Victor Rigatuso. Unable to secure distribution, Rigatuso showed the film at several Baltimore cinemas that he rented for a week, but attendance was so poor that the film failed to make its money back. For many years, the film was believed to have been lost but a 35mm print was found in 2008.

Plot Summary

from the planet Zoran arrive on Earth to take on human wrestlers but end up eating their opponents once they defeat them.


Directed by: John Corso, Joseph Ryan Zwick, Bob Harris [real name: Santo Victor Rigatuso]
Santo Productions
Produced by: Joseph Ryan Zwick
Director of Photography: John Corso
Editor: Dave Ellis
Music by: Santo Gold

Santo Gold [real name: Santo Victor Rigatuso]
Douglas “Ox” Baker
Jon Harris
Robbin Van Pelt
Vinnie Valentino
Eric Embry
The Crying Blondes
The USA & USSR Tag Teams
The Mummy
The Morads

Alternative Titles

Blood Circus



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