Blood Beach (1981)

USA, Hong Kong,
35mm film, colour

An American horror film directed by Jeffrey Bloom. Production began on 10 September 1979 1Daily Variety 21 September 1979 p.10

Plot Summary

Something is lurking beneath the sands of an idyllic Southern Californian beach, sucking unwary bathers to their doom. Harbour patrolman Harry becomes involved at the outset when the mother of his estranged lover Kathy falls prey to the monster. After more killings, including the castration of a would-be rapist, the creature is tracked back to its lair beneath a dilapidated pier…


Director: Jeffrey Bloom
Jerry Gross presents a Sir Run Run Shaw and Sidney Beckerman production
Executive Producer: Sidney Beckerman
Co-Executive Producers (Compass International Pictures): Joseph Wolf, Irwin Yablans
Producer: Steven Nalevansky
Associate Producer: Neil Canton
Script: Jeffrey Bloom
Story: Jeffrey Bloom, Steven Nalevansky
Director of Photography: Steve Poster
Editor: Gary Griffen
Music: Gil Mellé
Sound Mixer: Bill Randall
Make Up: Monty Westmore
Hair: Connie Nichols
Special Effects: Dellwyn Rheume
Art Director: William Sandell

David Huffman (Harry Caulder)
Marianna Hill (Catherine Hutton)
Burt Young (Sergeant Royko)
Otis Young (Lieutenant Piantadosi)
Lena Pousette (Marie)
John Saxon (Captain Pearson)
Darrell Fetty (Hoagy)
Stefan Gierasch (Dr Dimitrios)
Eleanor Zee (Mrs Selden)
Pamela McMyler (Mrs Hench)
Harriet Medin (Ruth Hutton)
Mickey Fox (Moose)
Laura Burkett (girl in sand)
Marleta Giles (girlfriend)
Jacqueline Randall (2nd girl)
Don Barlow (1st boy)
David Wysong (2nd boy)
Charles Rowe Rook (Todd Bell)
John Joseph Thomas (Mark Gonzalez)
Julie Dolan (Karen)

Alternative Titles

Blodiga sandens offer – Swedish title
Den blodiga stranden – Swedish title
Blood Beach – Horror am Strand – West German title
Playa sangrienta – Spanish title
Spiaggia di sangue – Italian title
Verisen hiekan uhrit – Finnish title

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