Blood Bath (1975)

USA, 1975
35mm film, colour
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Joel M. Reed.

Plot Summary

Actors working on a horror film go for dinner with their director and tell each other horror stories. A mad bomber finds things don’t go as he planned; a magic coin transports a man back through time; a ghost haunts the vaults of an ageing millionaire; and a karate champion will stop at nothing to attain the “Tenth Level”.


Directed by: Joel M. Reed
© copyright 1975 [company not given]
Production Company: Trans Orient Entertainment Corporation presents
Executive Producer: Philip Dearborn
Producer: Anthony Fingleton
Production Manager: J. Boyce Harman Jr
Written by: Joel M. Reed
Assistant Director: Graham Place
Continuity: B. Alexandra Fedack
Director of Photography: Robert M. Baldwin Jr
Assistant Cameraman: Bernard Breitbart
Gaffer: Arthur Marks
Best Boy: Douglas Milt
Key Grip: Anthony De Carlo
Editor: Victor Kanefsky
Associate Editor: Nobuko Oganesoff
Assistant Editor: Pamela Lamont
Color by: Movielab
Music: Michael Sahl
Special Percussion Effects: Cleve Pozar
Music Recordist: David Rapkin
Sound Recorder Dale Whitman
Sound Mixer: Emile Neroda
Make Up: Bob O’Bradovich
Opticals: Computer Opticals
Art Director: Ronald Sullivan [real name: Henri Pachard]
Set Construction: Michael Knigin
Production Assistants: Ken Bowser, Vivi Andrews, Michael Kantrowitz, Kathleen Letterie

Harve Presnell (Peter Brown)
Jack Somack (Ralph Lambert)
Curt Dawson
Doris Roberts (Mrs. Lambert)
Jerry Lacy (Don Savage)
Stefan Schnabel
Norman Bush
Master William C.C. Chen
Tom Tammi
Sharon Shayne
Deborah Loomis
Lee Moore
Alexander Orfaly
Jean Palmerton
Rene Enríquez
Sydney Blake
Michael J. Twain
Edith Greenfield [real name: Edith Fields]
Stanley Brock
Richard Niles as Conrad
Neil Flanagan
Lucille Kornak
Dale Whitman
Illa Howe
Tricia Lee
Frank Biancamano
Valerie Beaman
P.J. Soles
Norman Tse
Sonny Landham
Max Brandt
Carol Jurgens
Muriel Mason
Carlo Gulino
Tony Crupi
Antony Page
Leib Lensky
Anthony DeCarlo
Martin Shaker
Michael Longfield
Linda Canby
Linda Andrews
Douglas Milt


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