Blood Bath (1966)

35mm film, black and white
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Jack Hill and Stephanie Rothman. It began life as the Yugoslavian film Operacija Ticijan (1963) with additional material shot by Hill in 1964 and more footage directed by Rothman two years later. A television version, titled Track of the Vampire, adds 11 additional minutes of footage.

Plot Summary

An artist who believes that he's the reincarnation of a vampire murders young women and boils their bodies in a vat.


Directed by: Jack Hill, Stephanie Rothman
© [not given on screen]
Executive Producer: Roger Corman
Produced by: Jack Hill
Production Manager: Bart Patton
Screenplay by: Jack Hill, Stephanie Rothman
Script Supervision: Sharon Compton
Photography: Alfred Taylor
Film Editor: Candace Kane
Music Supervised by: Ronald Stein
Sound: Gary Kurtz
Makeup: William Condos
Title Design: Cinefx
Art Direction: James Brunner
Locations: Belgrade, Serbia *; Venice, Los Angeles, California, USA *

William Campbell (Antonio Sordi)
Marissa Mathes (Daisy Allen)
Linda Saunders [real name: Lori Saunders] (Dorean)
Sandra Knight (Donna Allen)
Carl Schanzer [real name: Karl Schanzer] (Max, the artist)
Biff Elliot (cafe manager)
Sid Haig (Abdul the Arab)
Jonathan Haze (beatnik)
Fred Thompson (beatnik)
David Ackles (carousel operator)
Thomas Karnes
Frank Church
David Miller
Jess Nichols
Lowe Stephens

Alternative Titles

Track of the Vampire – US television title

Includes extracts from
Operacija Ticijan (1963)
Portrait in Terror (1965)

Extracts included in
AIP: Fast and Furious (1985)
Shiver & Shudder Show (2002)
Son of Svengoolie: Track of the Vampire (1966) (1981).


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