Blood and Lace (1970)

USA, 1971
35mm film, colour, 1.78:1
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Philip Gilbert.

Plot Summary

The teenage daughter of a prostitute who has recently been beaten to death is sent oto an orphanage where she is tortured by the sadistic owners.


Directed by: Philip Gilbert
© Contemporary Filmakers/Carlin Company Productions
A Contemporary Filmakers and Carlin Company production
Produced by: Ed Carlin, Gil Lasky
Associate Producer: Chase Mishkin
Written by: Gil Lasky
Director of Photography: Paul Hipp
Film and Sound Editing: Dennis Film Services
Sound Recordist: Douglas Kennedy
Creative Makeup: Dennis Marsh
Art Director: Lee Fischer

Gloria Grahame (Mrs Deere)
Milton Selzer (Mr Mullins)
Len Lesser (Tom Kredge)
Vic Tayback (Calvin Carruthers)
Melody Patterson (Ellie Masters)
Terri Messina (Bunch)
Ronald Taft (Walter)
Dennis Christopher (Pete)
Peter Armstrong (Ernest)
Maggie Corey (Jennifer)
Mary Strawberry (nurse)
Louise Sherrill (Edna Masters)
Joe Durkin (unidentified man)

Alternative Titles

Den blodiga hammaren – Swedish title
The Blood Secret – alternative title
Dantela kai aima – Greek video title
Hielo sangriento – Spanish video title
Il martello macchiato di sangue – Italian title
To mystiko tou parthenagogeiou – Greek title
Sangre y encaje – Spanish title
Visión sangrienta – Spanish title
Кровь и кружева – Russian title

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