Blood (1974)

35mm film, colour, 1.85:1
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Andy Milligan.

Plot Summary

On Staten Island in 1883, Dr Lawrence Orlovsky and his wife Regina move into an old house after returning from Europe. Orlovsky is a werewolf and Regina is a vampire, the offspring of Lawrence Talbot and Count Dracula respectively. He is searching for a cure to his condition and Regina tends a small garden of man-eating plants in the basement.


Directed by: Andy Milligan
© 1974 Bryanston Distributions, Inc.
Walter Kent presents
Written by: Andy Milligan
Lighting: James Vale
Editor: Gerald Jackson
Sound: Joe Downing
Costumes: Raffine
Make-up Created by: Ted Donovan

Allan Berendt (Lawrence Orlovsky)
Hope Stansbury (Regina Orlovsky)
Patti Gaul (Carrie)
Michael Fischetti (Orlando)
Pamela Adams (Prudence Towers)
John Wallowitch (Carl Root)
Eve Crosby (Petra)
Martin Reymert (Mr Markham)
Pichulina Hampi (Carlotta)
David Bevans (Jimmy)
Hazel Wolffs (nosy neighbor)
Joe Downing (Mr Sharp)
Lawrence Seelars (Mr F)
Sophia Andoniadis (Mrs F)
Walter Kent (man in office)


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