Blind Terror (1971)

89m, 2434 metres
35mm films, Eastmancolor
mono, English

A British horror film directed by Richard Fleischer.

Plot Summary

A young blind woman is visiting relatives at their mansion in the English countryside when her family suddenly goes missing, leaving her alone and vulnerable. She realises that her relatives have been murdered and that she is the only survivor – and the killer is now looking for her…


Directed by: Richard Fleischer
© MCMLXXI [1971] Genesis Productions Ltd.
Genesis Productions Ltd.. Columbia Pictures and Filmways present a Martin Ransohoff, Leslie Linder production
Produced by: Martin Ransohoff and Leslie Linder
Associate Producer: Basil Appleby
Production Manager: Jilda Smith
Written by: Brian Clemens
Assistant Director: Terry Marcel
Continuity: Pamela Carlton
Director of Photography: Gerry Fisher
Camera Operator: Bernard Ford
Lighting Equipment: Lee Electric (Lighting) Ltd.
Film Editor: Thelma Connell
Music Composed and Conducted by: Elmer Bernstein
Sound Recording: Ken Scrivener
Sound Mixer: Robert Allen
Sound Editor: Colin Miller
Wardrobe: Evelyn Gibbs
Make-Up: Stuart Freeborn
Hairdresser: Betty Glasow
Art Director: John Hoesli
Set Decorator: Hugh Scaife
This Film was photographed on location in Berkshire, England

Mia Farrow (Sarah)
Dorothy Alison (Betty Rexton)
Robin Bailey (George Rexton)
Brian Rawlinson (Barker)
Diane Grayson (Sandy Rexton)
Paul Nicholas (Jacko Osgood)
Norman Eshley (Steve Reding)
Barrie Houghton (gypsy Jack)
Michael Elphick (gypsy Tom)
Lila Kaye (gypsy mother)
Christopher Matthews (Frost)
Max Faulkner (Steve's man)
Scott Fredericks (Steve's man)
Reg Harding (Steve's man)
Donald Bisset (doctor)

Alternative Titles

Buff – shooting title
See No Evil – UK DVD/US title
Sokea kauhu – Finnish title
Stiefel, die den Tod bedeuten – German title
Terrore cieco – Italian title


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