Blake’s 7: The Way Back (1978)

UK, 2 January
videotape, 16mm film, colour, 4:3
mono, English
Series: Blake's 7 (1978-1981) – series 1, episode 2

A British science fiction television episode written by Terry Nation and directed by Michael E. Briant.

Plot Summary

In a future Earth society housed inside a huge dome, Roj Blake learns that he has a secret past as a freedom fighter, a past erased from his memories by the oppressive Federation that rules the known galaxy. Blake is the only survivor when a group of his former colleagues are wiped out in a Federation attack on their illegal meeting outside the dome and he himself is framed for sexual crimes against children. Sentenced to life of the harsh penal planet Cygnus Alpha, Blake is placed aboard the prison ship London along with a group of hardened criminsl, vowing that one day he will return home.


Directed by: Michael E. Briant
Series Devised by: Terry Nation
Producer: David Maloney
Production Unit Manager: Sheelagh Rees
[Written] By: Terry Nation
Script Editor: Chris Boucher
Studio Lighting: Brian Clemett
Film Cameraman: Ken Willicombe
Film Editor: M.A.C. Adams
Music by: Dudley Simpson
Studio Sound: Clive Gifford
Film Recordist: Bill Meekums
Special Sound: Richard Yeoman-Clark
Costume Designer: Barbara Lane
Make Up Artists: Eileen Mair, Marianne Ford
Visual Effects Designer: Ian Scoones
Designer: Martin Collins
Graphics Designer: Bob Blagden
Production Assistant: Victor Mallett
Locations: Scrubland-Bray, near Maidenhead, Berks; Monkton Farleigh / Eastlays Quarry, near Corsham, Wiltshire; Ivor, Bucks [all uncredited]

Gareth Thomas (Blake)
Sally Knyvette (Jenna)
Michael Keating (Vila)
Robert Beatty (Bran Foster)
Robert James (Glynd)
Jeremy Wilkin (Tarrant)
Michael Halsey (Varon)
Pippa Steel (Maja)
Gillian Bailey (Ravella)
Alan Butler (Richie)
Margaret John (arbiter)
Peter Williams (Dr Havant)
Susan Field (Alta Morag)
Rodney Figaro (clerk of court)
Nigel Lambert (computer operator)
Garry McDermott (guard)



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