Black River Monster (1986)

videotape, colour, 1.33:1
mono, English

An American horror film directed by John Duncan.

Plot Summary

The owners and staff of a farm are attacked by the -like creature known as The Black River Monster.


Directed by: John Duncan
Copyright Black River Farm and Ranch, Inc.
Camelot Studios
Produced by: The Black River Farm and Ranch
Written by: John Duncan
Video by: Camelot Studios
Music by: David Christopher and Chuck Kelly
Cover Photos by: Scott Ward
Technical Director: David Duncan
Technical Staff: Margaret Alexander, Nathan Clay, John Samuel, James Smiley, Milly Green
This production was filmed in its entirety, using all natural settings, at the Black River Farm and Ranch, Croswell, Michigan, an operating summer horse ranch for girls.
Special Thanks to: Mich. Sanilac County Sheriff's Dept.; Croswell Tire Co.; O'Conner Stockyards

Craig Martin (Leroy)
Bruce Phillips (Sleaze)
Chuck Kelly (Louie)
Danielle Ciferri (Jenny)
Beth Holden (Beth)
John Donovan (Mr D)
Lois Donovan (Mrs D)
James Larsen (sheriff)

ranch guests (BR girls)
Craig Martin (mom)
Sue Luncford (junglegirl)
D. Prouse (deputy sheriff)

Wolverine Acres
Jeff Sutton (mgr.)
Buck Goldschmidt

James Smiley, Ken Bieber, Craig Martin (monster)