Black Moon Rising (1985)

35mm film, Technicolor, 1.85:1
stereo, English

An American science fiction film directed by Harley Cokliss.

Plot Summary

Quint, a professinal theief, is hired by the Justice Department to steal tapes from a corporation that they're investigating. But Quint loses the tapes when he hides them in a futuristic, high tech car that is itself stolen.


Directed by: Harley Cokliss
© 1986 New World Pictures
New World Pictures and Balcor Film Investors present a Douglas Curtis and Joel B. Michaels production. A Harley Cokliss film
Produced by: Joel B. Michaels, Douglas Curtis
Screenplay by: John Carpenter, Desmond Nakano, William Gray
Story by: John Carpenter
Director of Photography: Misha Suslov
Editor: Todd Ramsay
Music by: Lalo Schifrin
Sound Mixers: Jonathan Stein, Steve Nelson
Costume Designer: Jack Buehler
Make-Up & Hair Design: Annie Maniscalco
Special Effects Coordinators: Larry Cavanaugh, Bruce Steinheimer
Special Effects: Special Effects Unlimited, Inc.
Special Visual Effects: Max W. Anderson; Cinemotion Pictures Incorporated
Production Designer: Bryan Ryman
Black Moon Designed and Built by: Bernard Beaujardin in association with The University of Concordia, Montreal, Canada
Casting by: Linda Francis
Filmed on location in Hollywood

Tommy Lee Jones (Quint)
Linda Hamilton (Nina)
Robert Vaughn (Ryland)
Richard Jaeckel (Earl Windom)
Lee Ving (Ringer)
Bubba Smith (Johnson)
Dan Shor (Billy Lyons)
William Sanderson (Tyke Thayden)
Keenan Wynn (Iron John)
Nick Cassavetes (Luis)
Richard Angarola (Dr Melato)
Don Opper (Frenchie)
William Marquez (Reynoso)
David Pressman (kid at grocery store)
Stanley De Santiis (the mover)
Edward Parone (Mr Emilio)
Al White (maintenance man)
Bill Moody (windbreaker man)
Townsend Coleman (waiter)
Dalton Cathey (maître d')

Alternative Titles

Black Moon – Finnish, Swedish video, West German title
Black Rider – Japanese title
El día de la luna negra – Argentine title
O Erro Fatal – Brazilian video title
Fantasztikus prototípus – Hungarian title
Il giorno della luna nera – Italian title
Grande Assalto – Portuguese title
O kinoumenos keravnos – Greek title
Lua Negra: O Super Carro – Brazilian title
Luna neagra – Romanian title
Luna negra – Spanish title
Sans issue – French title
Sasfészek – Hungarian television title
Væk på 10 sekunder – Danish title
Wschód czarnego księżyca – Polish title
Ο κινούμενος κεραυνός – Greek title
Восход Черной луны – Russian title
Изгревът на черната луна – Bulgarian title
Излазак црног месеца – Serbian title
ブラックライダー(1986) – Japanese title


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