Black Friday (1940)

35mm film, black and white, 1.37:1
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Arthur Lubin. Bela Lugosi was originally cast as Sovac and Karloff as Professor George Kingsley and Red Cannon but they were recast late in pre-production.

Plot Summary

In order to save the life of his friend Professor Kingsely, brain surgeon Dr Sovac transplants part of the brain from an injured gangster, Red Cannon, into Kingsley's head. Kingsley then develops a split personality and at times, Cannon's personality takes control. When Sovac learns that Cannon has a secret stash of stolen loot, he sets out to find it – but Cannon is determined to stop him and have his on those who tried to murder him.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Arthur Lubin
Copyright MCMXL by Universal Pictures Company, Inc.
A Universal picture. Universal presents
Associate Producer: Burt Kelly
Original Screen Play: Kurt Siodmak, Eric Taylor
Director of Photography: Elwood Bredell
Film Editor: Philip Cahn
Musical Director: H.J. Salter
Music: Hans J. Salter; Ralph Freed *; Charles Henderson *; Charles Previn *; Frank Skinner *
Sound Supervisor: Bernard B. Brown
Western Electric Mirrorphonic
Gowns: Vera West
Art Director: Jack Otterson
Associate [Art Director]: Harold MacArthur
Set Decorations: R.A. Gausman [real name: Russell A. Gausman]
Technician: Charles Carroll

Boris Karloff (Dr Ernest Sovac)
Bela Lugosi (Eric Marnay)
Stanley Ridges (Professor George Kingsley/Red Cannon)
Anne Nagel (Sunny Rogers)
Anne Gwynne (Jean Sovac)
Virginia Brissac (Margaret Kingsley)
Edmund MacDonald (Frank Miller)
Paul Fix (William Kane)
Murray Alper (Bellhop)
Jack Mulhall (bartender)
Joe King (police chief)
John Kelly (taxi driver)

Alternative Titles

Friday the 13th – working title



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