Black Devil Doll from Hell (1984)

videotape, colour

An American horror film directed by Chester N. Turner.

Plot Summary

The deeply religious Helen Black buys a strange, dreadlocked ventriloquist's dummy and starts having sexual fantasies about it. The doll comes to life and rapes her and they subsequently embark on a bizarre affair. But when Helen graduates to real men, she finds them rather lacking…


Directed by: Chester N. Turner
© 1984 by C.N.T. Production Company
C.N.T Production Company presents
Produced by: Chester N. Turner
Written by: Chester N. Turner
Director of Photography: Anna Holiday
Edited by: Chester N. Turner
Music by (opening titles) Incidental Music (end titles): Chester N. Turner
Audio: Keefe Turner, Marjie Love
Puppet Operator: Keefe Turner
Special Visual Effects by: Keefe Turner
Production Designer (opening titles) Production Design (end titles): Jim Wilson

Shirley L. Jones (Helen Jones)
Ricky Roach (first lover)
Marie Sainvilvs (saleslady)
Chester Tankersley (second lover)
Jeanine Johnican (church friend)
Rev. Obie Dunson (preacher)
Thalia Holloway (second buyer)
Jeanine Johican (church friend)
Kathleen Turner (Barbara's voice)
Keefe Turner (voice of the doll)
“?” (black devil doll)
Tommie Graham, Bernard Brown, Onita Green, Larry Jones (club dancers)
Jacqueline Coats, Sharada F. Coats, Toshia Coats, Donyattia Kinerman, Solomon Kinerman, Sheila Kinerman, Willie Kinerman, Anton Kinerman, Jerome Speaks, Avery Speaks, Arlether Harris, Caroline Taylor, Loneo Davis, Denise Hill, Gladys Ames, Randolpj L. Melton (church members)

Extracts included in
Adjust Your Tracking (2013)
Rewind This! (2013)