Black and Blue: Secrets (1973)

UK, 14 August 1973
videotape, colour, 4:3
mono, English
Series: Black and Blue (1973) – series 1, episode 1

A British comedy television episodes with borderline horror elements directed by James Cellan Jones. Michael Palin and Terry Jones’s script was later used again for the feature film Consuming Passions (1988).

Plot Summary

Sales of Secrets Chocolates’ latest product rockets after three maintenance workers fall into the chocolate vat and their bodies end up in the chocolates.


Directed by: James Cellan Jones
Written by: Michael Palin, Terry Jones
Designed by: Tony Abbott

Warren Mitchell (Rose)
Clifford Rose (Villon)
Julian Holloway (Robinson)
David Collings (Atkinson)
George Innes (Saville)
Hugh Walters (Jackson)
Brian Coburn (foreman)
Brian Wilde (Major Forster)
Hilda Barry (Mrs Function)
Gretchen Franklin (Mrs Pitt)
Betty Hare (despatch lady)
George Tovey (lorry driver)
Godfrey Talbot (handsome man)
Sarah Douglas (beautiful girl)
Judy Robinson (country girl)
Pamela Coveney (housewife)
Kenneth Wolstenholme (commentator)

Consuming Passions (1988)