Black and Blue: Rust: A Highly Moral Farce (1973)

UK, 4 September
videotape, colour, 4:3
mono, English
Series: Black and Blue (1973) – series 1, episode 4

A British comedy science fiction television episode directed by Waris Hussein.

Plot Summary

A deadly flu bug threatens to wipe out the world and only a British drug can cure it. But has an unfortunate side-effect – it leaves the takers impotent.


Directed by: Waris Hussein
Written by: Julian Mitchell

John Le Mesurier (Sir Henry)
Elizabeth Spriggs (Eleanor)
Allan Cuthbertson (Philip Crane)
James Bree (Thomas Richmond)
Ken Wynne (Jacko Bates)
Rosina Thorndike (Lucy Hawkes)
Raymond Platt (Tim Hawkes)
John Owens (television director)
David Monico (Mel)