Bigfoot (1970)

USA, 1969
35mm film, colour, 1.85:1
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Robert F. Slatzer.

Plot Summary

Several young women have gone missing in the Kentucky , abducted by a . The creature and its family plan to use the women for breeding stock and a group of local men set out to rescue them.


Directed by: Robert F. Slatzer
Gemini-American Productions copyright MCMLXXX []
A Gemini-American production
Executive Producer: Herman Tomlin
Produced by: Anthony Cardoza
Associate Producer: Bill Reardon
Screenplay by: Robert F. Slatzer, James Gordon White
Original Story by: Robert F. Slatzer
Director of Photography: Wilson S. Hong
Film Editor: Hugo Grimaldi
Music Written, Produced and Scored by: Richard A. Podolor
Sound: Bob Dietz, Ken Carlson, Jim Fullerton
Wardrobe: Joann Sigal
Make-Up Supervisor: Louis Lane
Bigfoot Costumes: Mercy Montello
Special Effects: Harry Woolman
Art Director: Norman Houle
All outdoor sequences were actually filmed on various mountainous locations wher “Bigfoot” has been documented and reportedly seen by several individuals also at Empire Studios and Colorvision Studios, Hollywood, California

John Carradine (Jasper B. Hawks)
Joi Lansing (Joi Landis)
Judy Jordan (Chris)
John Mitchum (Elmer Briggs)
James Craig ([Sheriff] Cyrus)
Christopher Mitchum (Rick)
Joy Wilkerson (Peggy)
Lindsay Crosby (Wheels)
Ken Maynard (Mr Bennett)
Dorothy Keller (Nellie)
Doodles Weaver (forest ranger)
Noble ‘Kid' Chissell (Hardrock)
Nick Raymond (Slim)
Sonny West (Mike)
Walt Zachrich (Hank)
Ray Cantrell (Dum Sum)
Suzy Marlin Crosby (Suzy)
Lois Red Elk (Falling Star)
Jennifer Bishop (Bobbi)
Walt Swanner (Henry)

Alternative Titles

Big Foot – Das größte Monster aller Zeiten – West German title
Big Foot gegen die Rockerbande – German DVD title
Big Foot – alternative title
King Kongs son – Swedish title
Piegrande – Venezuelan title
Velká noha – Czech, Slovakian title

Extracts included in
Trailer Trauma Part 4: Television Trauma (2017)



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