Bicentennial Man (1999)

USA, 1999
35mm film, colour
Dolby Digital, SDDS, DTS, English

An American science fiction film directed by Chris Columbus.

Plot Summary

The android Andrew is bought by the Martin family to perform menial household tasks. But it quickly becomes clear that Andrew is no ordinary robot as he starts to display emotions.


Directed by: Chris Columbus
© MCMXCIX [1999] Touchstone Pictures and Columbia Pictures
Columbia Pictures and Touchstone Pictures present a 1492 production in association with Laurence Mark Productions and Radiant Productions. A Chris Columbus film
Executive Producer: Dan Kolsrud
Produced by: Wolfgang Petersen, Gail Katz, Neal Miller, Laurence Mark, Chris Columbus, Mark Radcliffe, Michael Barnathan
Associate Producer: Paula DuPré Pesman
Screenplay by: Nicholas Kazan
Based Upon the Short Story by: Isaac Asimov
And the Novel The Positronic Man by: Isaac Asimov and Robert Silverberg
Director of Photography: Phil Meheux
Edited by: Neil Travis
Editor: Nicholas de Toth
Music Composed and Conducted by: James Horner
Sound Mixer: Nelson Stoll
Costume Designer: Joseph G. Aulisi
Key Make-up: Brad Wilder
Key Hair: Yolanda Toussieng
Old Age Make-up Effects Designed and Applied by: Greg Cannom
Old Age Make-up Effects Created by: Keith Vanderlaan’s Captive Audiences Productions, Inc.
Robotic Effects by: Steve Johnson’s XFX, Inc.
Visual Effects Supervisor: James E. Price
Production Designer: Norman Reynolds
Casting by: Janet Hirshenson, Jane Jenkins

Robin Williams (Andrew)
Sam Neill (Sir)
Embeth Davidtz (Little Miss/Portia)
Wendy Crewson (Ma’am)
Hallie Kate Eisenberg (Little Miss 7 yrs old)
Stephen Root (Dennis Mansky)
Lynne Thigpen (female president)
Bradley Whitford (Lloyd)
Kiersten Warren (Galatea robotic/human)
John Michael Higgins (Bill Feingold)
George D. Wallace (male president)
Oliver Platt (Rupert Burns)
Lindze Letherman (Miss 9 yrs old)
Angela Landis (Miss)
Igor Hiller (Lloyd 10 yrs old)
Joe Bellan, Brett Wagner (robot delivery men)
Scott Waugh (motorcycle punk)
Quinn Smith (Frank)
Kristy Connelly (Monica)
Jay Johnston (Charles)

Alternative Titles

200-aastane mees – Estonian title
200-årsmannen – Swedish, Norwegian titlebr
200-årsmannen: Bicentennial Man – Swedish video title
Der 200 Jahre Mann – German title
Andrew – člen naší rodiny – Czech title
Andrew Martin – working title
Andrew NDR11 – Japanese title
Andrew, člen našej rodiny – Slovakian title
O anthropos ton dyo aionon – Greek title
Człowiek przyszłości – Polish title
Ish Ha-Mataim – Israeli title
El hombre bicentenario – Argentine, Spanish, Mexican, Peruvian title
O Homem Bicentenário – Brazilian, Portuguese title
L’homme bicentenaire – French, French Canadian title
A kétszáz éves ember – Hungarian title
Mojih 200 godina – Croatian title
Mojih 200 let – Slovenian title
Omul bicentenar – Romanian title
Robot Adam – Turkish title
Robotin elämää – Finnish title
Robotmennesket – Danish title
Tukstantmečio žmogus – Lithuanian title
L’uomo bicentenario – Italian title
Ο άνθρωπος των δύο αιώνων – Greek title
Двестагодишен човек – Bulgarian title
Двестогодишњи човек – Serbian title
Двохсотрічна людина – Ukranian title
Двухсотлетний человек – Russian title
アンドリューNDR11 – Japanese title
– Taiwanese title

Extracts included in
Comic Relief Zero (2013)

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Metro 21 January 2000 p.17
With 200 years to play with, the combined sentimentality of Robin Williams, director Chris Columbus and Touchstone Pictures surpasses even our wildest expectations in Bicentennial Man. Just think of those deathbed scenes! And yet there is also a muted, melancholic air about the film that goes some way to redeeming its worst excesses. […] Williams […] is more effective when his comic tics are kept in check by a metal suit. The film as a whole is more effective when quietly and sadly asking such questions as ‘Will every human being that I care for… just leave?’ but gets bogged down in allegorical allusions to slavery and civil rights no less, trite philosophising… and all that syrup. – from an illustrated review (Metro life) by Guy Somerset


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